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☆ if it doesn't rain, then the stars can't love one another ☆

if there were no dreams... ☆☆☆

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  • Raiknii

I'm not lonely, I'm not lonely at all
I'm not lonely at all, not at all
But I want to see you, I don't want it this way
Come get me like you did before

I love you, I love you so much that
I don't know what it means
I love you so much, I'm like a fool
What, what now?
Just go already
Good bye, bye bye.

suki sugite baka mitai shall we love?


☆I'm A. Don't call me raiknii. Please, please, please don't call me Raiknii. A is acceptable. raiknii is good. If we're good friends, call me by my name.☆
☆It's just the internet, don't take it too seriously; I'll try to remember this too, so just say whatever you like.☆
☆I write, but infrequently and randomly. If you're looking for that, look here.☆
☆If you're not sure, ask. But do so intelligently.☆
☆Don't expect me to friend you back unless you asked.☆
☆I do silent!friend. Deal with it.☆